Ode to the Thermometer

ode to the thermometer


Do you have some item in your house that always seems to disappear when you need it?  I don’t know what it is but I can NEVER find a working thermometer.  I still take temperatures under the arm and to come upon a thermometer that “tests” long enough under the arm is a precious find in my house.  Not to mention the number of thermometers that have been broken or were too cheap to actually work more than a couple times.


Last Sunday night, Sweet Boy was sick, obviously with fever and I could not find our red thermometer.  The red thermometer is the only one that currently works.  I remembered seeing it when I cleaned out my bathroom cupboard just a few weeks ago.  But, I also remember saying yes to Sweet Girl when she asked to take her teddy’s temperature.  My mistake!  I searched her purses, her drawers, her boxes . . . nothing.  She told me she’d tell me where it was when she finished eating her dinner.  But after dinner, I learned that she had no clue.  Well, she’s three.


So, I ventured out on Sunday evening to Walmart to buy a new thermometer.  And on the way, I started writing this poem about my grief surrounding thermometers.  But I couldn’t leave it there, so the other day I sat down and finished it.  Because after all, who doesn’t have time on their hands to write an ode to the thermometer?  


Without further ado . . .




Oh Thermometer

How much I dislike thee

I would use stronger language*

If my child weren’t with me.


You’re impossible to find

At the moment I need you

Sick child in bed

Does this feel like a re-do?


I know it was her

Who saw you the last

When poor teddy was ill

As the doctor she passed.


So off to the store

I will now have to run

To buy number six

To be lost? …Ten to one!


Mercury is gone

I say with relief

But the options abound

Oh my and good grief!


Try the forehead

No, please try the ear

Or under the tongue

Just not you know where


Success!  I bought two

And home now I’ll head

To tend to my baby

And lay down in bed.


* I am referring to the word “hate.”  🙂

My hope for you is that you never lose your thermometer and feel the need to write about it.  But if you do, please share.



  1. Kristen,

    This is so funny! My husband would so appreciate this post. He once brought home 5 thermometers from the store in the middle of the night, because he didn’t want to be stuck without one EVER again! Guess what? I think we still have one of them…somewhere….