October Organization Goal


With yesterday’s challenge, we now have two goals ahead of us.  Today’s goal continues our month by month home organization plan.  Have you been keeping up?

For October, we’re tackling our Laundy Rooms.  You may have an easy task ahead of you or you may have to roll up your sleeves and dive through mounds of clothes.  Our laundry room doubles as a mud room, so I will be taking on that half of it too.


Here’s how I’ll be breaking it down:


* Going through the cabinets.  What can I do without?
* Reorganizing the cabinets.  Can I find things quickly?  Does the organization make sense?  
* Cleaning the laundry sink.  Umm, stop using it as storage.
* Run a load of rags.  (Since I don’t have the space for a laundry basket of rags, I keep a little basket in one of the cupboards.  When it is full, I run a small load . . . It is bulging.)
* Go through all our coats.  Can I put seasonal items into storage?
* Go through all our shoes.  Will they fit next year?  

A couple years ago, Dan installed these tall cabinets from IKEA.  What a difference they made in storage space!  And if you would like to see my Laundry Shortcut video for putting away hanging clothes, check it out here.  It will make putting away laundry so much more efficient!  Happy Organizing!


  1. I found your blog because of the book you wrote on teaching kids to serve. What a great book! So happy to find your site! I have enjoyed reading your posts.