National Flashlight Day

Today is National Flashlight Day!  I’m getting out the flashlights and going to play some fun games with the kids.

Fun Kid’s Activities with Flashlights

* Play Flashlight Spot & Tell from I Can Teach My Child.  We do this a little differently.  I have single alphabet letters and I hide them all over the room.  My son has to look around with his flashlight and retrieve each letter in order.  He LOVES it!

* Write clues for a Scavenger Hunt and search in the dark with your flashlight.

* Practice learning shapes or numbers with the same concept as the alphabet game.

* Give the kids a word to spell and have them find the appropriate letters with their flashlight.

* Play a game of I Spy with flashlights.

* Call out an item in the room and see who can find it with their flashlight first.

* Make a fort, climb in with your kids (and flashlights) and tell a great story with them as the main characters.

Incidentally, the flashlight was invented by Joshua Lionel Cowen in 1898.  But even more fun than the flashlight, Joshua was the inventor of the Lionel Trains.   (Thanks, Holiday Insights for the info!)

On a serious note, this is a good day to check all the batteries in your flashlights.
On a not so serious note and comically so, this is also Look on the Bright Side Day.

Have a Terrific Day!