My Top 21 Summer Fun Activities – UPDATE

Today is August 1st.  The summer is officially winding down with the start of school in less than a month.  Can you believe it?  I thought I better check in on My Top 21 Summer Fun Activities and assess my progress.  How is your list coming along?

My Top 21 Summer Fun Activities
  1. Eat S’mores  Yum
  2. Bring in Flowers from my Garden lovely!
  3. Take a Family Walk in a New Park
  4. Have a Campfire (in conjunction with #1) 
  1. Play at the Pool  In progress, but need to get there more!
  1. Go to the Beach one Early Morning
  1. Take a Hike in the Woods
  1. Walk Grandma’s Street with her Dog.  (My kids love holding the leash.)
  2. Have Sweet Boy fish with “Uncle Aaron”
  3. Eat Messy Popsicles with the Kids on a Hot Day
  1. Watch the Sun Rise from my Front Porch Yeah, wishing I hadn’t put this one on!
  1. Have a Garage Sale
  1. Go to a Garage Sale
  1. Pick Blueberries What fun!
  1. Have a Picnic
  1. Have a Date Night Picnic At least we had a date night!
  1. Watch Fireworks (if the kids don’t get scared) Made it through half, then storm set in.  
  1. Go to the Drive-In
  1. Go to a local Apple Farm
  1. Go to Old Glory Day Celebrations The best!!
  1. Entertain with Candles and Twinkle Lights on my Deck
            22.  Spend Three Days in the Hospital Because of a VIRUS!
Well, it looks like I better get moving on the rest!  Happy August!