Do you like writing out goals?  I most certainly do.  I think it goes right along with my love of making lists.  It causes me to focus and gives direction to my day, month and year.  But goals are only as good as the frequency with which you visit them.

This year, I am choosing Luke 2:52 to direct some of my goals.
“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”  Luke 2:52
Goals for Growing in Wisdom:
* Read at least two books to strengthen my marriage.
(finish The Love Dare and Making Love Last Forever)
* Read at least two books to strengthen my parenting.
Goals for Growing in Stature:
* (ugh, yes it is on the list) Be healthier in lifestyle with regards to diet and exercise.  Respect the body God has given me.
* Break unhealthy habits.
Goals for Growing in Relationship with God: 
* Participate in one to two Bible study groups this year.
* Keep regular personal devotional times.Goals for Growing in Relationship with Man:
* Read either a book or participate in a study with Dan to strengthen our marriage.
* Be more intentional about building relationships with other women, moms and couples through phone calls, notes and visits/outings.

You may notice that I am keeping it simple and somewhat vague.  My tendency is to overwhelm myself with so many great thoughts that it only leads to my demise (or that of my goals).

What are your goals?

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