My End-of-the-Year Purpose-Filled Hit List

Purpose filled hit list

Plow through.  Get it done.  Plunge ahead. . . All thoughts and attitudes that can easily steer us as we move through our busy days.  But, what I have been thinking about lately, what I have been asking myself is:  Are there costs to this sort of approach?  Do things or people get sacrificed with such a bullish attitude?  And in short, my answer is yes.

It is easy, a little too easy, for me to get in the mode of

If I can just get THIS done, then . . .

. . . then I will get on the floor and play a game with the kids, then I will do that thoughtful thing for a friend, then I will invite that person over, then I will _____ . . . then, then, then!

Being a work-at-home mom can make this especially difficult if I don’t put limits on work time or watch the lengths of my daily to-do-list.  I am achievement-oriented and it is easy for me to neglect people for tasks.

But with the intention of being more purposeful and making the most of little moments, I have written a list of what I want to focus on for the remaining of the year.  Care to join me?

I am choosing:


People over Tasks

True Moments of Connection over Superficial Encounters

Peace-Filled Days over Rushing Around Craziness

Laughter over Stress

Family Fun over Micromanaging my Kids

Mess-Making Memories over Unrealistic Clean-House Expectations

Relationship Building & Bonding over Consuming Distractions 

Diligent Plodding over Procrastination

Creativity over Mind-Dulling Activities

Thoughtful Demonstrations of Love & Service over Self-Focus

Patience in Parenting over Frustration

Eyes to See the Spiritual & Eternal over the Earthly & Temporary

Seeking God Above All over Chasing Useless Idols

Purpose Filled Moments over Meaninglessness Busyness


Which choice is something you need to work on?  


  1. Me too! I want to pray for eyes that see the spiritual instead of the to-do list, obligations, financial tasks! thanks for the reminder!