Happy New Year, friends!  Did you make any goals this year?

I love goals and am a big proponent of setting great goals.  But this year, I have decided not to write anything specific as I have in the past . . . at least for now.  Life is just a bit to crazy to add more details and timelines that could become burdensome.

Am I feeling lazy or un-motivated?  Maybe just a little.  Or maybe it’s the need for conscious rest and stillness.  I am looking for a little cruise control at the moment. In all my roles, I need to recognize what I can and cannot take on in this season of my life and to give myself a little grace to not be the latest and greatest Super Woman.  Anyone else need this encouragement?

But even though I am not planning specific goals, I do have some generalities for 2014.  And they are lovely generalities.  

2014 inspiration

How about you?  Are you setting specific goals or do you need a peaceful period of generalities?

If you are getting specific (and good for you!), here are 25 Bible Verses on Goal Setting.  May they be an encouragement to you!  

And if you want to read about the best goal, check out my friend, Christina Fox’s post at To Show Them Jesus.  It is so good!