Making Life Easier One Doorstop at a Time

Today’s “little something” to celebrate is just that.  I’m celebrating making life easier with a simple addition to your home.

Did you know they make Magnetic Doorstops?  They do!  And a couple years ago, my husband installed one on the door leading to our garage.  This little item makes life with kids easier!  I can prop open the door so I can keep an eye on the kids as they are filing into the car and I’m grabbing my tea.  It makes carrying in the groceries less difficult.  It is all-around one of those things that I am still appreciating even after a couple years.

If you check out these options, you’ll see they come with two parts (and an assortment of finishes), but if you put it on the door leading to your garage, you won’t need the second part.  This door is metal and therefore magnetic.  Hooray!

I will warn you that you may get some knicks and dents in the door if your kids slam it open.  We actually use a business card magnet on the door to offer some protection.  But if you saw the rest of the door, you probably wouldn’t worry too much.

What household items make your life easier?  I’d love to hear! 

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