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Make Memories with a Family Digital Scavenger Hunt and Walmart Family Mobile

I love family games and adventures.  They are great memory-makers.  They help with team spirit and family bonding.  And, they are just plain fun! 

A family game is an opportunity to connect with one another, spend time together and laugh.  So today, join me on a Family Digital Scavenger Hunt (free printable below).  It will take your family (and maybe others) around town, snapping pictures and crossing items off your list.

For this adventure, you will need your phone.  I used my Samsung Galaxy Avant and the Walmart Family Mobile service to create these memories.

Did you know that Walmart Family Mobile is a 4G LTE service?  I was impressed with the good signal I had around town with my Samsung.  I was also pleased with the $29.88/month fee (for the first line) on unlimited talk, text and data which includes 1G of 4G LTE data.  As a girl coming from limited minutes and texts, I enjoy the freedom to talk, text and share my photos as much as I like!

So what is a Family Digital Scavenger Hunt?

Family Digital Scavenger Hunt Image(Free Download Available Below.)

A digital scavenger hunt is a list of photos to be taken.  All require at least one member of the team to be in each photo.  Our list includes items like:  mom smelling a yellow flower, one of the kids getting an autograph of a veteran, dad swinging high on a swing and more.

Some of the items will be easy.  Some will be harder.  And some will require you to ask for the help of others.  This digital scavenger hunt will take you out and about on a mission to capture as many pictures from your list as possible.

Do it alone or with other families!  We did the scavenger hunt on our own.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Invite another family to compete against you.  One fun twist:  stop back at Walmart to print your photos.  Then, meet at a central location, peruse each other’s photos and select a winner.

Here are some of the pictures from our family digital scavenger hunt.  Did I mention yet how much my kids loved being the ones to take the photos?


Family Digital Scavenger Hunt 1

“Dad swinging high on a swing.”

Family Digital Scavenger Hunt 2

“Mom smelling a yellow flower.”

Family Digital Scavenger Hunt 3

“Kid on a Sports Field.”

Family Digital Scavenger Hunt 5

“The Whole Family in front of an American Flag.”

Believe it or not, there was no one around to take a picture of our whole family with an American flag.  If this had been a competition against another family, we would have lost points for this one.  

Family Digital Scavenger Hunt 6

“Mom with Someone’s Pet.”

Family Digital Scavenger Hunt 4

 “Family Piggy Back in front of a Local School.”

I debated on whether to show you the “pretty” picture of Dan and my daughter alone.  But then I thought I’d keep it real and include the shot of my son and his tongue.  Hmmm…why do kids do this??

Family Digital Scavenger Hunt 8

“Dad Giving High-Five to a Walmart Employee.”

We had a blast on our scavenger hunt.  I loved how my son went up to 4 different people in a store to ask if they were a veteran.  The fourth gentleman we spoke to fought in Vietnam.  I thought it was great that my kids got to talk to him and we made sure to thank him for his service to our country.

Family Digital Scavenger Hunt 9

And what other way to end a fun outing than with ice cream?

Want the free printable?  Get it here:
Family Digital Scavenger Hunt

Here is where to find everything and get started on the Walmart Family Mobile plan.  Just head back to the electronics department.

walmart family mobile plan

What kind of memories will you make on your Family Digital Scavenger Hunt?  Be sure to use your Walmart Family Mobile plan to share them with others when you’re all done.

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.

Make Some Awesome Memories!  Family Digital Scavenger Hunt & Walmart Family Mobile