How to Make a LEGO Turtle

make a lego turtle

If you are joining us from the Creation Series, welcome!  Here is what you’ll need to get started for your lego turtle:

lego turtle - day 6

This is the body at a glance.  There are five layers in the turtle’s body.  Start by organizing your layers.  We used two shades of green, but it isn’t necessary.

turtle's body

Let’s Build.  The numbers below correspond to the layer you’re working with.

How to make a lego turtlehow to make a turtle 3how to make a lego turtle 4how to make a lego turtle 5how to make a lego turtle 6how to make a lego turtle 7how to make a lego turtle 8

Have you ever seen a turtle stretch their neck out?  They are the cutest things.

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Happy Building!