Today is “Learn About Butterflies” Day!  Butterflies are incredible creatures with a great story of transformation, struggle and beauty.  There are 12-15,000 species of butterflies (only 750 of which are in the United States).  I am easily thrilled to spot a butterfly hovering around the flowers in our yard.

Last summer, the kids and I had a great experience with our Live Butterfly Garden.  It was fun and educational, both in watching the caterpillars’ transformation to butterfly, but also in talking about the spiritual lesson we can learn from butterflies.  You can read about our Butterfly Garden experience through each stage in this post.  (We bought an Insect Lore Live Butterfly Gardenfrom Amazon.  Go here to check the current price.)

The Butterfly Website has a great list of plants that will attract various butterflies to your garden.  When I plant my cutting garden (someday), I will definitely be including some of the plants on this list.  But in the meanwhile, we’re heading out with our nets to search for butterflies.

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