January Organization Goal: Files & Paperwork

Are you joining us for the 2012 Monthly Home Organization Plan?  If so, we are over half way through January!  How are you coming along with de-cluttering your files and paperwork?

Here is what I have done so far:

  • Eliminated all piles, boxes and baskets of paperwork that needed to be sorted.  (At least two of which, I’m embarrassed to say, have been in there for YEARS!)
  • Purged my short 2-drawer filing cabinet by removing any outdated papers.  Previous years‘ credit card statements, medical papers, taxes and other papers worth saving are being moved to a Banker’s Box or Plastic File Storage Box where they are neatly marked in file folders.  Gotta love long term storage (ugh!).  Unimportant bills and other items are in the shred pile.  And I now have space in the drawers so filing future items won’t be so difficult.  (Hooray!)
  • Cleaned out my paper stacker on top of my desk.
  • Cleaned the piles off my desk thereby creating a place for my husband to work when classes start back up.
  • Cleaned out the file-ready junk drawer in my desk to become my new “active items” filing place (things I use or add to regularly like blog stuff, journal notes, current tax info I’m collecting for the next month).

Yet To Be Done:

  • My two tall 4-drawer cabinets.  (Some of this is my wedding business – time to go through!)
  • Create new hanging file folders, as needed.
  • Sort through a couple drawers in my closet organizers – more wedding business and some writing stuff.

All these filing cabinets!  Can you tell I save way too much?


  1. Way to go Kristen! You’ve reminded me I need to get busy organizing my files and paperwork.

  2. Jane Connor says:

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