inspiring young readers and 3 children's bibles your home should not be without

This week, we are celebrating Children’s Book Week.  Do your kids enjoy reading? Mine are well on their way, but not without continued encouragement.  So today, I have four tips for inspiring your young readers and three children’s Bibles your home should not be without.

Inspiring Your Young Readers

Create a Book Nook or a Special Spot to Read.  If I am reading to the kids before bed, we all climb into my bed and snuggle up for a couple stories from the Gospel Storybook Bible.  I love getting under the covers with them!

Where do you like to read with your kids?

Try to find a regular spot.  The bottom of a closet, the couch or if you want to go book nook crazy, check out all these fun spots on Pinterest.  A couple years ago, we created this DIY Light-Up Cave of Wonder.  It made for a perfect place for the kids.

Enroll in Local Reading Programs.  Pizza Hut has the Book It Program, one which we think is a delicious way to encourage reading.  And with Summer almost here, libraries everywhere will be starting the summer reading programs, providing encouragement and incentives for reading.

Other summer programs to look into:  Half Price Books, Pottery Barn for Kids, Barnes & Nobles, Chuck E. Cheese (ongoing).

Take Regular Trips to the Library.  My kids love it when we go to the library and they get to choose books to borrow.  Sign up for story-time for your little ones.

Incidentally, please don’t be like me and rack up late fees.  I am usually so good about being on time at everything, but I have failed with this.  Thankfully, one of the libraries we go to sends out an email a couple days before the books are due.  They have saved my life in the book department.

Keep it Interesting and Read Good Books.  Sometimes, I don’t know where to start when searching for great books for my kids.  Talk to other moms and find out what books are their children’s favorites.  Use resources like Redeemed Reader, a Christian site devoted to children’s literature.

And if you have a child who isn’t as interested in reading as you would like, be sure to read this guest post on encouraging your reluctant reader from Emily Whitten of Redeemed Reader.

My Favorite Children’s Bibles

The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers

Your young children will love this unique Storybook Bible.  Each story is told in fun rhyme and perfect for holding the attention of your little kids.  Its rhythmic wording and simple illustrations draw you into learning the stories of the Bible.  Above is the latest edition of the Rhyme Bible.  (I actually have this one, but the price on Amazon is very high for the older edition.)

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

This is the most beautiful Storybook Bible I have seen.  When I first read the introduction, my mind was filled with anticipation and my eyes were filled with tears.  Every Bible story recounted connects to Jesus and indeed “whispers His name.”  The stories are beautifully told and point to the Savior.   Your kids (and you, too) will see an amazing connection to Jesus in every story read.  I love it!

Perfect for ages 4 and up.

The Gospel Story Bible: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments

This Storybook Bible is incredible in the presentation of Biblical stories and connecting the Gospel throughout the Old and New Testaments.  The stories are told in more detail than the other two storybooks, making this a good option for children six and above (in my opinion.)

Each story includes a “Let’s Talk About” section with three questions related to the story.  Themes of sin, grace, forgiveness and salvation permeate the book.  I feel it is providing a wonderful foundation for my kids (my son, in particular because of his age).


BONUS BIBLE – I know I only said 3, but if your children are reading on their own…

At the recommendation of my friend, Christina of To Show Them Jesus, I purchased the Adventure Bible for Early Readers, NIrV for my son.  He loves it and I do too.  He even took it to school for Show & Tell.  

Do you have a favorite children’s Bible?  I’d love to hear!

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