snow trays-2
Do your kids like to eat snow?  Mine love it!  And after the 15th time of opening the sliding door to get more, I finally grabbed a large cookie sheet and big ice cream scoop.


Well, let the indoor snow fun begin!  Rather than eating, Sweet Boy grabbed two of his trains and had a train-tastic adventure through the snowy mounds.  Paxton did get stuck in what became an icy mound, but that was part of the fun.


So grab a tray, scoop and some toys and let your kids explore indoor snow fun.


Suggestion:  I do suggest having a towel or floor mat under the tray.  And if you happen to hear the clankety-clank of a metal tray bouncing the floor, you may indeed have snow, ice and water all over the place.  Just breathe, smile and grab a bite of snow for yourself.