Impromptu Winter Tea Party


We are back from Disney World and had everything gone as planned prior to our trip, this would have posted Monday.  However, I got pretty sick right before we left and some of my plans went awry.  (I’ll be sharing some pictures from our trip on Friday.)


So for now, we’ll take a look at our easy and impromptu winter tea party:  It was an ordinary day.  I had my usual list but sometimes it is fun to scrap the to-do list and do something just for fun.  I usually have some kind of tea food in the pantry.  It may be tea cookies, shortbread or scone mix.  On this particular afternoon it happened to be a yummy package of pumpkin scone mix.



It didn’t take long for the kids to call Grandma and invite her over for tea and scones.  (My mom doesn’t pass up a tea party, so we knew she would come.)  The kids and I began making snowflakes for decoration.

After spending about 10 minutes on that, it took equally as long for me to figure out that you can’t tape anything to my kitchen lamp.  But we worked around it and hung our decorations anyway.



I grabbed my new clearance tablecloth from Walmart (look familiar?) and then spent another 10 minutes in my basement storage looking for other decorations.  I grabbed one of my glass hurricane jars, some flaky snow and a couple snowflake candles.  I used doilies as our place mats and pulled out my china tea cups and little plates.



Once the table was set, I hopped in the shower . . . yes, quite late in the day for me!  When the time for tea was drawing close, I made our favorite scone mix (just add water), brewed a pot of peach melba tea and made some hot chocolate.


It was a delightful afternoon.  Treats and tea with great company.  And all it took was a little bit effort to make the everyday special.

What have you recently done to make a fun little something out of nothing?  

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