I Can Teach My Child to Read! eBook

Can I teach my child to read?  This may be a question thousands of moms and dads have asked themselves.  If you have an early education background, you are probably confident in your ability to guide your child through the process of learning to read.  But for many moms (including me), you may be questioning the best way to start.

I’m excited to share a new ebook with you today.  My friend, Jenae, from the popular blog, I Can Teach My Child has launched her first ebook that will prove invaluable to so many moms and dads.  This ebook will help you guide your child through learning to read beginning at infancy through full literacy.  (This is not one of those “teach your baby to read” plans.  Rather, Jenae gives you suggestions to lay a foundation for reading even when your child is young.)

In this book, you will find 10 steps, all easy to understand and implement.  And Jenae is well-versed to write this book as a former first grade teacher and mama to two young boys.  She has a passion for reading, teaching her children and encouraging other parents in the same pursuit.

And while I love reading, before this book, I didn’t know how to be intentional about teaching someone how to read.  I have benefited greatly from Jenae’s hands-on approach to learning.  In this ebook, she gives tons of ideas that make learning fun and game-like for your little ones.  I love that she covers pre-reading activities for your children who aren’t yet old enough to learn.  But as Jenae shows, there are purposeful things you can do to not only better prepare your child to be a strong reader but also instill the love for reading in your child.

After reading this ebook, there are some immediate changes I will be making in the way I work with my son on his reading.  Prior, my focus was only on decoding (sounding out the words).  In this little book, Jenae shares other important concepts that I need to focus on as well.

This book is both theory and practice.  It reaches the relational side of teaching your child to read as well as the technical.  It is a comprehensive and wonderful resource for parents.  I have a 3 and 5 year old and I felt this book was perfect timing.  But even as I mentioned earlier, if you have an infant, you will benefit from this book by having the opportunity to start early.  This is definitely a book I will be referring back to as the days go by.

Introductory Price!  For the next five days only, I Can Teach My Child to Read is available at a 50% off price!  This ebook only costs $1.99.  That is less than a slice of pizza or a latte.  (Starting 1/13/13, the price will be $3.99).

Click here to buy the pdf copy of the book for $1.99.
Go here for Kindle.

Please Note:  This post contains an affiliate link.  I was provided this book at no cost and all opinions are my own.  I highly recommend this book.  


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