How to Make a Fabric Banner in 3 Steps

How to make a fabric banner in 3 steps.

There is so much to love about fabric banners!  The lovely way they look behind a party table, the way they dance in a summer breeze and also how inexpensively they can be made.  There is even a chance you have all you need in your house this very moment.  Maybe it is an old, stained tablecloth you’ll no longer be needing or remnants of leftover fabric from your other projects.

When I was planning my Peter Rabbit party, I knew I wanted a country/garden feel.  A fabric banner would gave me the perfect look.  My theme colors were blues (Peter’s coat) and browns (good old garden dirt).  Choosing a banner of specific quilt-like blues and whites, I did need to run to the craft store.  I found these squares on sale for just over a dollar each and I only ended up using 5 of them.

how to make a fabric banner


A fabric banner is very easy to make.  There is no need to worry about it being perfect   . . . and it can be done in three steps.


how to make a fabric banner 2


Step 1:  Mark Your Fabric.  I left the fabric square folded in half, lengthwise and slit along the fold every inch and a half.


how to make a fabric banner 3


Step 2:  Cut the Fabric into Strips.  Again, no need to worry about perfection, just cut as straight as you can.  Because I had different patterns, I laid out my strips in the order I wanted to go.  The blues kept to a specific order, but I was “deliberately random” with the whites.

how to make a fabric banner 4

Step 3:  Tie Your Knots.  Follow along with the picture below for instructions.  First, place your fabric strip below the twine or whatever you are using for string.  The loop should be closest to you.  Lift the loop, creating a hole through which you’ll pull the two tails.  Holding the twine with one hand, pull the tails through as tightly as you’d like the knoy to appear.  I left some bulk to my knot.


how to make a fabric banner 5


That’s it!  Now go grab your material, pop in a good movie and start making your lovely fabric banner.  Use it for a birthday party, baby shower or even decorate with it in a child’s nursery.  More endless possibilities!

If you’d like to take a peak at the rest of the Peter Rabbit Party, you can read part one at Redeemed Reader or part two here on the blog.


peter rabbit party with fabric banner

Have you made a fabric banner?  What did you use it for?  


  1. Is there a special type of fabric that works best when making banners like a DIY thing?

    • Hi Bo, I used fabric quarters from the craft store. Really anything should work but I think something that tends to fray easily or curl when cut and stretched (like t-shirts) would prove more difficult.