hidden pots of gold to celebrate st. patrick's day
My kids, probably like yours, love to search for treasure.  Any treasure will do!  Stickers leading in a path around the house or scavenger hunts with rhyming clues.  It is the thrill of discovery and of course, a prize at the end.

Each year on St. Patrick’s Day, I scatter chocolate gold coins and hide two pots of gold around the house.  When the kids wake up, they run to gather up as many coins as they can and find their own pots of gold . . . eating some of the chocolate along the way.

We use plastic pots of gold.  (Amazon has an assortment of pots here.)  Finding gold coins has been tricky the last couple years.  Some drug stores carry them.  If I’m getting desperate, I just start calling around to see who has them in stock.  A month or two ago, I did find them at the Dollar Tree.  And knowing how difficult it can be to find them, I picked up three packs.

hidden pots of gold to celebrate st. patrick's day -1

Have a great morning searching for gold!

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