Head Outside to Revive

A few weeks ago, the kids and I were heading out to paint pottery.  We were a little early, so I decided to take the scenic route.  We drove down in the valley on a road right along the river.  It was beautiful! 
The morning sun was shining through the trees, the river lightly rustling over the rocks.  Lush vegetation, deer finding breakfast and singing birds were all a part of our morning show.  The detour was perfect for a busy life needing to pause and be reminded of the absolute beauty of God’s creation . . . and I felt refreshed and revived  having experienced it. 
Do you need to revive?  Head outside!  Look at the amazing things God made.  Go for a walk.  Look at the petals on the flowers, the width of the sky, the strength of the trees.  He made it all!  He made it for us to enjoy!