Happy Birthday Hodge


It was about 6:15am.  I was sitting at my computer at the kitchen island as usual, working away when an exploding bundle of energy and excitement burst through the doorway.  Let’s just start by saying that my son is a morning person.  I am usually up about 5am and Sweet Boy typically comes running downstairs to greet me around 6am.  But this morning was a bit different.

As he ran in the room, he said, “Guess who’s birthday it is today.”  Before I could even answer, he proudly announced, “It is Hodge’s First Birthday!”  For those of you aren’t familiar with the Chuggington train characters, Hodge is one of the trains from the Disney TV show.

Since it was a leisurely Saturday, I decided to go with it.  Determinedly, Sweet Boy set about finding a gift . . . his Thomas flashlight.  Then he asked me to help wrap it up and find a birthday bow.  Mission accomplished.

Later that morning, I pulled an [expired] box of gingerbread cake from the pantry and the kids and I baked.  I didn’t want to make a huge batch of icing for this cake, so Dan graciously picked up a can of frosting while he, his dad and the kids were out running errands.  Yes, there was my husband heading into a store just to pick up a can of frosting for a train’s birthday cake.  What a great daddy.

Waiting to Yell, “Surprise!”

After lunch and once the cake was ready, we all hid so that Hodge would be surprised at his party (my son’s request).  Can you picture it?  Dan, Sweet Girl and I crouched down behind the kitchen counter getting ready to shout surprise to a toy train or as Dan put it, an inanimate object.  We didn’t make Grandpa bend down with us.  No, he hid in the hallway.  And when Hodge arrived, out we popped, following our instructions.


Hodge and my son . . . quite pleased.



As you probably know by now from the previous celebrations of Teddy and Puppy, we do sing Happy Birthday to toys.  So there around the table, with a lit candle, we sang the old, familiar tune and all cheered.  Grandpa too.  (I see where my husband gets it.)



Yes, those are streamers in the background.

Afterward, Hodge opened his gift.  My son loved every moment.  And I loved seeing him thrilled.  It is one of those times that for just a little work of old wrapping paper, expired cake mix and a few streamers, the pay-offs were great.  Memorable moments, celebrating anything or everything and growing closer all the while.  

The next morning, Sweet Boy entered the kitchen and announced it was Koko’s birthday. . .