Grandparent Birthday Game

We recently celebrated my grandmother’s 97th birthday.  (You may remember this was the birthday celebration where my husband broke Birthday Tradition #5 by eating the first bite of cake.)

At the party hosted by my mom, we played a great trivia game about my grandmother’s life.  Not only did it involve everyone, but it was fun to learn unknown facts about my grandma.  This game could be used for birthday parties for grandparents, great-grandparents, even family reunions.  I’ve included my grandmother’s answers.

How Well Do You Know Grandma?
1.  How many people were in her immediate family?  -6
2.  What was her birth order?  -2nd
3.  How many houses did she live in?  -7
4.  How many cars did her family have growing up?  -0
5.  How was her food kept cold?  -Ice Box with Delivered Ice
6.  What special treat did her mother wake her up for after she had gone to bed?  -Ice Cream
7.  How much was bread when she was growing up?  -10 cents
8.  How much was milk when she was growing up?  -Couldn’t remember
9.  What were her favorite childhood games?  -Cards, Hopscotch, Old Maid, etc.
10.  What was her favorite childhood book?  -Little Women
11.  What was her childhood chore?  -Ironing (non-electric – had to heat over a fire!)
12.  How many years did she work at the bank?  -31 years
13.  How old was she when she retired?  -70 
14.  How many countries has she been too?  30-35 countries

Bonus questions we asked her:  
* What has been the best invention you’ve seen?  Airplanes
* Where would you visit?  Greece (loved the food)
* How did you get your news?  A newsboy walked the street selling papers for 5 cents yelling, “Extra Extra.”
* How did you buy your food?  There was no selecting your own food at the grocery store.  You went to the counter, placed your order and they handed you the food.  Strawberries were sold by street wagon for 25 cents for 3 quarts.  

Well, the grandchildren and great grandchildren learned a lot!  And to his satisfaction, my uncle won.