Fun with Boring Brown Packing Paper

If Mary Poppins can make cleaning fun, then surely we can make something fun and creative out of the hoards of boring brown paper that come in Amazon deliveries.   The paper you see above was over 20 feet long!  While I am trying to save less stuff (because I seriously have a problem), this outrageously long runner had to be preserved for a fun afternoon.

That afternoon happened to be last week when I was getting ready for a garage sale (hooray, knocked off #8 on my Summer Sand Pail List).  I grabbed a box of markers and told my son and his friend from next door to make a train track.

To help hold the paper down in the breeze, I grabbed items from the garage (including ones to be sold).  The farm, “stables” and castle were among some of the interesting train stops.  The boys had a great time drawing their track and running their trains down the railroad.  Did I mention I got a lot done during this time?

So yes, even plain old brown paper can be fun.  If you’d like to see our brown paper body tracings, go here. . . You’ll be glad to know I did throw out the 20′ runner once the boys were done with it.

Have a creative weekend!

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  1. I’ve been saving those big long runners too! Fun!

  2. That looks like fun. I would have had my friend trace the outline of my body on a long piece of paper like that.

  3. What a blast! I want some boring packing paper too! The last one we had ended up turning into super-hero capes, lol! Thanks for sharing at Teach Me Tuesday!!