February Organization Goal: Recipes

How do you organize your recipes?  I love my cookbooks but I have a lot of loose recipes from friends, magazines and the internet.  Several years ago, I was inspired by my cousin who organizes her recipes in binders by category.  It keeps everything neat and allows for quick and easy access.

So my current organization style is binders, along with “piles of loose recipes from friends, magazines and the internet.”  And I am in need of an overhaul!

Here are my Recipe Organization Goals for this month . . . and yes, I’m getting started a little late!

  • Go through current binders and purge!  There are a lot of things I know I’ll never make so there is no point in keeping them, right?
  • Sort through the current pile of loose recipes, tri-punch holes and insert into the proper binder and sub-category.  (I have a lot of plastic sleeves that I plan on using for the front, most-used recipes.)
  • IF I have time, I have all of my mother-in-law’s recipes.  I would like to start typing them up and distributing them to all my sisters-in-law.   Lots of treasures in there!

How do you organize your recipes?  I’d love to hear!

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  1. I use a good ole fashioned recipe box! But I do have a system – only tried and true get in there. I keep all recipes I want to try in the back and when I make it – I write up the winners on an index and file and throw away the losers! Btw…. I would love some of Aunt Thelma’s recipes! Still crave her German potato salad!!!

  2. I had mine organized into folders for “Favorites,” “Pretty good,” “Family ‘heirloom’ recipes” and “Haven’t tried yet.” But then the toddler and baby opened up my storage case and threw them all around, so I need a new system. I’m trying to computerize them to update the old family cookbook for my mom, too.

  3. I invested in a computer program called Mastercook, many years ago. I’ve been able to type in all of my recipes into “Cookbooks” and “Categories” within cookbooks. I’ve also printed them out for myself and as gifts for the newlyweds in the family. I use a ring binder with each page in a sheet protector. I can take the page out of the book while using it, and it wipes off easily in case of a mess!