My Favorite Way to Organize Tablecloths, Simple & Labeled

If you have been following my tip on finding inexpensive table linens, you may now be looking for a simple idea to organize your growing collection.  Pinterest has all kinds of ways to organize tablecloths, but many are expensive if you’re talking fancy built-in cupboards or time-consuming if you need to create a special rack.  I’m keeping it simple.

For years, I stored all my table linens in a large plastic tub.  It wasn’t ideal, but it worked.  Now, with the new house, I finally have a closet that isn’t jam packed with winter clothes and extra junk.  My guest room closet is quite long with very little to store in it.  And it is the perfect spot for linens since guests don’t usually bring more than a couple items of clothing to hang up, if any at all.

my favorite way to organize tablecloths, simple and labeled (2)

There were really only two things I needed for organizing my tablecloths:  appropriate hangers and easy labels.

When purchasing hangers for table linens, look for hangers that are:

  • Thick and Sturdy to hold heavier tablecloths
  • Wide to allow for maximum space to spread your linens
  • Rounded to prevent firm creases as the linens hang

I have seen others store their linens on hangers with metal clasps.  I’m not too crazy about the pinching of my fabric, but if you find it works best, go for it.  The point is to do something.  (See the example at the end of this post.)

my favorite way to organize tablecloths, simple and labeled (1)

What makes me most giddy about my linens is having the dimensions labeled on cute tags.  It is so nice to grab the right sized tablecloth instead of three different white ones looking for something particular to fit a table.  I also noted on the tags any helpful details like “rounded corners.”  Anything that makes a tablecloth easier to identify and therefore quicker to find, is a bonus!

Grab my linen tags for yourself.  Download them here:  Linen Tags for an Organized Closet.

Martha Stewart has a very interesting idea for table linen storage.  It saves on ironing or steaming, but I’m not so sure it is quick and practical.

How do you organize your tablecloths?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

This is the pack of hangers I used:  (affiliate)

Other options: