Father’s Day Gift: T-Shirt Idea

Following in your footsteps t-shirt for father's day

We still have a little time until Father’s Day and I wanted to pass along this fun gift idea.  The original idea comes from ICanTeachMyChild.com.  Jenae creates beautiful framed artwork with your child’s footprints and this quote, but because I have a t-shirt theme going for Dan this year, I tweaked it to fit.  It is a great gift, quick and easy. 

What You’ll Need:

* Two colors of fabric paint
* One paint or foam brush
* Plastic bags
* Masking tape
* One T-shirt
* One willing child!

How To Do It: 

1.  Tape plastic bags to protect the t-shirt, leaving a center opening.  (I was expecting this to be a bit messier!) 


2.  Put some kind barrier like cardboard between the front and back of the shirt.  Yep, wish I would have done this one. 

3.  Paint your child’s feet (one at a time) with paint and stamp them on the t-shirt.  Move fast and paint a thick coat.  The first foot I did was too thin and dried by the time I stamped his foot.  Once I painted it thicker and moved faster, it was fine. 


4.  With your other color, write “Following in Your Footsteps.”  I put masking tape down just above or below where I wanted to write.  This will help with making straight lines and for practicing the spacing in pencil on the tape.  Shake the paint well and squeeze out a little first, until you get a nice stream of flowing paint.  As you can tell, my first letters bled a little because it was too juicy.  Yeah, I’m not especially crafty!


All in all, it only cost me $9 for the three items I bought.  I thought about buying another t-shirt and trying it again for a cleaner look, but Sweet Boy said he liked this one.  And more importantly, Daddy will love it! 


  1. love love LOVE this idea!

    by the way, you should consider syndication and other social media outlets so that you drive the right demographics to your website 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    super cute!

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