Easy Snow Cone Treats

This week, we crossed off an item on our Summer Sand Pail List.  (If you haven’t made a summer bucket list, there is still time!  Go here.)  We made snow cones and invited the neighbors.

A couple years ago, Tara gave me this Back to Basics Ice Shaver/Snow Cone Maker.  I love it.  It’s fun and couldn’t be easier to use.  You just throw some ice in the top, press the button and apply pressure . . . and you get a perfect treat to cool you off on a hot day.  The kids loved it!  They enjoyed picking their flavor and colored straw too.

It is a great and inexpensive way to celebrate on a hot summer day!

P.S. This makes a great gift!  The Back to Basics one is actually one of the less expensive ones sold on Amazon.  You can throw in a bottle of flavoring, a pack of cups/straws and make it a perfect gift.  I know, because I received it!
Update:  Thanks to a reader, I just learned that you can make the syrup yourself.  All it takes is sugar, water and kool-aid.  Check out this recipe from All Recipes.  Thanks, Nancy!!
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  1. Snow cones are so much fun! Thank you for posting on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you’ll be back this week.