Doggie Swim Day – A Closing of the Pool Tradition

Summer is winding down.  Can you believe it?  School has started and the pools are closing . . . which only means one thing with my family:  Doggie Swim Day!

On the last day of my aunt’s pool season, they invite any dogs over to come and swim.  And let me tell you, it is a blast.  Last year, there were five different dogs who thoroughly enjoyed swimming, chasing balls, jumping and diving.

Doggie Swim Day Last Year
My kids love it.  Sweet Boy can hardly contain his excitement.  (Yes, they bring their “dogs” too!)

It is a fun way to celebrate the change of the season and a great tradition.  If you’re curious how the family celebrates an over-abundance of zucchini, you’ve gotta check this out too.  They have created an elaborate Zucchini Fest.  

Do you have any fun end of the summer traditions?