Do Not Disturb: What the Pursuit of Hospitality Says About Your Faith

Are you developing a hospitable heart?  I have been challenged each day of this series to re-examine the way I look at hospitality.  It started with what our pursuit of hospitality says about our hearts and then we looked at having a focus on people rather than worrying about things.

Today, Melissa Deming of Hive Resources is taking us through what pursuing hospitality says about our faith.  You’ll love it and you’ll be challenged.  Well, you may not love what happens to her in the opening story.  But I guarantee you’ll be able to relate to a little chaos!

Here is where she starts:

Five minutes before our small group was to arrive, my pride broke a world’s record in the longest nose dive.

The food was prepped, the toilets were scrubbed, and I had even managed to sneak in a shower. I was feeling pretty smug. I bet Martha Stewart had never attempted hospitality with three-year-old twin boys in tow!

But it was the smell of poop that first alerted me that something was amiss.

Curious about what happened next?  >>Go here to read the rest of the post.