December Organization Goal: Household Storage Spaces

Well, here we are at the end of the year, wrapping up our 12 months of home organization.  Through small and achievable goals, we have purged, planned and organized various areas of our household.  Are you celebrating your achievements?

To close out the year, we’re tackling our storage spaces.  I’m not talking closets and drawers.  We’ve done that already.  I mean the basement storage, the attic and the scary nook of the house where you’ve chosen to store things.  

As you know, I save a lot.  Our storage area is full . . . okay, busting at the seems.  I have baby stuff, party stuff, gifts and wrapping stuff, toys for rotation, toys for storage, decorations, games, Dan’s workbench and more filling the shelves and drawers of the storage.  Oh, and my chest freezer for all my freezer cooking.  What it needs?  Organization.

Here is the plan for the storage spaces:  

The usual examination and purge.  Unload the storage area (within reason).  Sort, group, organize.  Have bags or boxes ready for ‘trash, donate or sell.’

Questions to ask yourself-
* Is it useful or practical?
* Am I saving this for good purpose?
* Will I use it in the future?
* Does it hold special memories for me?  Is the object itself worth holding onto?
* Is this the best place for it to be stored?

Decide whether you will tackle this area with someone else or by yourself.  Now, put on some music, turn it up loud and let’s get started.

~ Thank you for joining me on our month by month journey of home organization!


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