Closing Chapters & Series Finales

You  are probably familiar with the scene.  A long-running TV series is ending.  And in that closing scene, the main star is walking off the set.  Before he exits, he slowly turns for one final, contemplative glance.  He flips off the lights and walks out, closing the door behind him.  Can you picture it?

That was exactly how I felt last week when I left my father-in-law’s house for the final time.  We gathered most of my husband’s siblings together for a sort of last hurrah.  I brought the video camera and recorded as I was led through the house by the “kids” sharing different stories and memories.  You know, the “This is when we got in so much trouble for ___,” or “This is where so and so got sick all over the place.”  The memories of shared bedrooms, great cooking and growing up together.


I am always struck by the “special-ness” of closing chapters in life.  The sale of Dan’s childhood home and even last year’s closing of my wedding business . . . I remember when I made the phone call to the cancel my website hosting.  I wrote down my confirmation number in one of my famous notebooks and below it, I wrote a note to the Lord:  “Thank you for closing chapters.”



When I see something coming to a peaceful end, I am touched by God’s faithfulness, His goodness and His grace.  He carried me through it.  He blessed it and then He closed the door at the due time.  Amazing!  I love seeing His touch and how the chapters unfold and even close in the long narrative of life.


Closing chapters always mean the beginning of new ones.  As a mentioned a few weeks ago (in this post), we have a great situation with my father-in-law.  We are very blessed.  And even thinking back to the 46 years in that house, 10 of which I had the honor of being a part of, I am thankful to the Lord for gracing our lives with His presence.


And so, it was with surreal emotion that I walked through the house, turned off each and every light, glanced back fondly (yes, with teary eyes) . . . and closed the door to a great chapter.  All the while, looking forward to new beginnings.



Thank you, Lord, for closing chapters.