Chip Richter's House Concerts

A couple weeks ago, we had the pleasure of going to a celebration picnic.  Our friends were the recipients of a GoFundMe campaign to buy their daughter a special bicycle.  The picnic in the park was a celebration of the exciting event.  It was a potluck, a bike parade (with our friend’s daughter leading the way) and a concert.  All in one!

We were thrilled to share in their joy and were even more tickled when we heard that Chip Richter would be performing at the park.  Now, you may remember me talking about Chip’s music from our Annual Ice Cream Day or back when he released his latest cd, The Dream Tree.

Chip Richter - Here Comes the Sun

Chip is a singer/songwriter whose music appeals to the whole family.  It is happy, upbeat, fun and interactive.  Just listen to one song and you will be hooked.  You’ll be tapping your foot, clapping your hands and undoubtedly, smiling alongside everyone else.

This concert was no different.  He had the kids “riding” their bikes, screeching to a halt and having a blast with the “Ridin’ My Bike” song.  He opens every concert with one of my favorites, “Hey There,” a great introduction song and my husband has always loved “Here Comes The Sun.”  The concert lasted about 45 minutes and my children loved every moment.  They were thrilled to participate in the music.

Chip Richter - fun for the whole family

We have seem Chip in concert many times now:  a couple times at my mom’s church, in my friends’ basement (yes, for real!), at a library and now at the park).  He is based out of Lakeside, Ohio but travels as most musicians do.  And when possible, he does “house concerts.”  And I just love this!


Chip Richter House Concert - fun for the whole family

Check out his site to hear his music or schedule him for your very own house concert!  You won’t be disappointed.