Children’s Day Party at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop, where the teddy bear comes to life . . . and where parties are a hit!

Last week, we had the pleasure (and when I say pleasure, I mean the absolute pleasure) of throwing a Children’s Day party at Build-A-Bear Workshop.  Now before I lose you to the mystery of Children’s Day, let me explain.

Each year in my household, we celebrate Children’s Day.  It is a floating holiday that is spent enjoying the blessing of our kids and doing fun activities all day long.  It usually concludes with a kids’ choice dinner out and ice cream.

I love spending an entire day dedicated to fun.  Often as moms, we are busy focused on what is next on the schedule, what load of laundry will prevent someone from going naked or simply what to serve for dinner.  Children’s Day is not only a blast for the kids, it is permission for moms to put down the list and enjoy your children, celebrating the little blessing they are.

So for Children’s Day this year, we grabbed some cousins and threw a Children’s Day Party at Build-A-Bear!  Our experience was wonderful and I am so excited to share it with you.


Build-A-Bear Workshop is a great concept.  It is fun, creative and all hands-on.  Children start by picking from a wall of un-stuffed animals and go home with a customized bear or other animal for them to love.


And while the kids love their new bear, Moms, you will love the party.  It is well-organized, well-staffed and is easy for parents.  Each party is staffed to meet the needs of the group.  My cousins and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.



Once the kids pick their animals and name them, they begin the heart ceremony.  This was probably my favorite part of the party because it was so sweet.  The children pick a heart for their animal and they are instructed to rub it on different parts of their bodies (for example, their foreheads to make the bear smart or their nose so the bear will always smell good).  The kids jump, they smile, they blow on the hearts and make a wish before putting the heart inside their bear.




One thing the moms and I were most impressed with was how engaged the staff kept the children. While one child was stuffing their bear, the other kids played several games.  It was wonderful for the moms, who enjoyed being a spectator to the fun . . . and also a little mom-chat.




As in our case, and I’m sure across the country at other Build-A-Bear Workshop locations, the staff clearly love what they do.  They were happy and ready for fun.  And they didn’t even mind when a child changed their clothing selection (a’hem, mine).

Dressing the bears was a lot of fun.  Build-A-Bear offers a wide variety of options, not only in styles for boys and girls, but also in prices.  You can go all out or you can pick out something simple and accessorize.

Before we left, the children were led in a promise to take good care of their new friends.  They were given birth certificates and the well-recognized Build-A-Bear Workshop box.  (I just love this box!)

A Couple other Bonuses:  You can get free bows on future visits.  Build-A-Bear offers repairs in-store and if they are unable to fix the loved animal, it is sent to the bear hospital (and comes back in a hospital gown!).  They also have a Find-A-Bear ID program so that if your friend is ever lost, there is a barcode inside the bear to direct him back to you.

When you go, be sure to join their loyalty program and earn points towards gift certificates and free items.  Throwing a party is a quick way to add up points.

Special thanks to Amy, who set up everything for us.  You were great to work with!  And to Rachel, Mesa, Lori and Sandra from our local store, you made our experience wonderful!  Thank you ever so much!

We are still all smiles when we think back to our party at Build-A-Bear.  We left with great memories and new bear friends . . . who incidentally, are still sleeping with the kids.

Learn more about Build-A-Bear Workshop Parties, by clicking HERE.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  I was provided with the party at no cost.  All opinions are my own.  For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.  


  1. We did Build a Bear as a celebration for becoming potty trained! 🙂 We loved it, and when we ripped one bear, we took him back and they performed a quick little surgery and he was good as new! Would love to do a Birthday Party there! Sounds fun and easy!