*Celebrate Winter* Bucket List Printable

Celebrate Winter Bucket List with Printable

The holidays have passed and winter continues.  In Ohio, our winter has been unusually mild but that can change at any moment.  😉

When life is as busy as it is for many of us, I want to intentionally focus on the special moments with my family.  To find fun in the everyday and create memories.  I have discovered that bucket lists are very helpful for this.  It isn’t some dictating list that must be completed, rather an inspiring reminder of the fun things to be done.

Here is what I’ll be doing this winter.  Would you like to join me?  If so, grab the free Winter Bucket List printable below.  You could even create a dry erase board by putting it under glass in a frame.  This is what I would be doing if all my stuff wasn’t in storage. . . .

Celebrate Winter Bucket List Printable

Free Download:  Celebrate Winter 8×10 Printable

How does your family celebrate winter?

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