How to Help Your Kids Memorize Large Portions of Scripture

Nearly five years ago a deal was struck.  My kids had been wanting pets but my husband, never having owned an indoor pet himself, was not eager to introduce hair, odor and more chaos to our home . . . especially when we were planning to build a new house.  Thinking he could postpone the inevitable, … [Read more...]

GROWING FRIENDSHIPS: A Book That Every Kid Should Read

(This post contains our affiliate link.) It was unanimous.  We all agreed that every kid should read this book on friendship.  Go grab it now because you will love what and how it teaches your child about being a friend. The book is Growing Friendships:  A Kids' Guide to Making and Keeping … [Read more...]

How to Help Your Kids Adjust to a New School with Two Daily Questions

Changing schools is rough [understatement of the year].  After experiencing it ourselves last year, my heart aches for the kids who are about to walk into that new classroom for the first time, not knowing a single kid, recognizing a teacher's face or even knowing where the bathroom is in their new … [Read more...]

From Kleenex Box to Ballot Box: Election DIY

All year, I have been wanting to throw an Election Party.  But truth be told, I just can't do it given this particular election.  So even though there will be no official party in my house, there is still a great opportunity to teach my children about our election process and the importance of … [Read more...]

Win these Sweet Preschool Books for Kinder, Braver Kids

If you have preschool kids or know someone who does, check out this giveaway!  I have a set of three preschool books by Danielle R. Linder to share with one lucky reader.  The books are sweet as can be, filled with rhyming stories and cute, bright illustrations.   They are great conversation … [Read more...]

How to Make an Empty Tomb Cake

Today, I have a fun and easy way to celebrate the Risen Savior, and as so many things around here do, it involves cake! The most profound aspect of Christianity is that Jesus died for the penalty of our sins and conquered death when He rose from the grave.  We don't serve a dead savior.  On the … [Read more...]

Inspire your Family to be Thankful with Spring Blessing Boards

Whether we're talking my own heart or those of my children, I constantly need to be in remembrance of the things for which I'm thankful.  I find that for myself, it is so terribly easy to see everything there is to be done and to focus too much on that.  And my kids . . . well, they are kids.  But I … [Read more...]

How to Make Winter Blessing Boards with your Children

When I was growing up, on the side of our refrigerator, my mom hung a Blessing Board.  It was a small framed chalkboard with the word, "Blessings" across the top and on it, we would write things for which we were thankful. Over the years, there were many words written on that board from the … [Read more...]

Raising Kids Who Love To Learn

One of the many values I am trying to instill in my children is a love of learning.  I hope my kids always enjoy trying something new, learning about God's world and how it works.  But raising kids who love to learn need not be an arduous task that requires a radical shift in thinking.  It can … [Read more...]