So Sweet Baby Shower

This beautiful baby shower packed a triple punch.  It was designed by three ladies (Sarah, Marcy & Cherise), all who have had parties featured here before.  Isn’t this the most gorgeous party table?  I love it!  They have interest at every level from a table skirt of streamers to the sweet baby girl clothes hanging from the ceiling.  And what’s more, many of the decor items double as gifts for mom-to-be.



Cassata cupcakes with embellished flower toppers.


Canvas to be hung in the baby’s room.



“Cupcake” onesies with flower hair clips set on pedestals.



Simple way to add tiers to your table!




This decoration was made by punching out flowers from scrapbook paper, bending the petals up and adhering them to a styrofoam ball with pearl corsage pins.  So sweet!

What a lovely shower!  Thanks for sharing.

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A Book-Themed Shower

book themed shower - library shower


Do you remember back to the adorable library card invitation I received for a bridal shower?  You can get a quick glimpse here.


Well, the shower has come and gone.  But I wanted to share with you some of their fun “booky” decorations.  The ladies throwing the shower played on the bride’s love of reading.  She and her fiance also met at a library, hence the perfect theme.  (And I love themes!  You can be deliberate about little touches throughout your party.  Simply be creative.)

book centerpiece

Sweet Centerpieces!  All the books and pages you’ll see came from library book sales.


BIG [REALLY IMPORTANT] NOTE:  if you decide to do something similar for a party or shower, scan the books first or know the author.  My cousin didn’t have time to read them and unfortunately discovered a little too late that the language in some of the books wasn’t exactly  . . . um, clean and wholesome.  So during the shower, we were instructed NOT to read our fans.  😉

book page fan

The party was supposed to be outside, but the weather did not cooperate.  Fans were made of book pages secured with ribbon to help with the summer heat.  The heart on the cute bookmark is a reverse applique with fabric.

cool things to do with old books

This was a fun and unique decoration.  360 degrees of book pages with a fluffy page topper.  Can you figure out how it was made?


My cousin took a 900 page book, tore off the cover and then folded every other page in half towards the middle of the book.  (Can you imagine?  900/2=450 folded pages!)  She then used a hot glue gun to keep the book in the circular form.


It was a fun shower where the bride received four griddles (one from me – and yes, I did scan the registry when I purchased it).  But with pancakes for life, this sweet couple is off to a good start.

Family Feud Game for Showers & Parties

If you are looking for an upbeat shower or party game, look no further.  At a bridal shower for my brother and his fiance, we played the classic game of Family Feud.  Prep work took some time….especially considering I had to DVR and skim through many episodes in search of topics that relate to the couple’s interests.  (I did finally make up some of the questions/answers after much internet research!)  But having questions related to the couple made the game more interesting and an opportunity for guests to learn about them.

Guests had the option of playing as a family member or to simply be a member of the studio audience.  We played the game just like the TV show minus the final round.  And, I made sure to have the Family Feud Theme Song for added fun.  A couple of our questions included:  Something People Run For (because this couple met when the bride-to-be was running) and Top 9 Items to Take Camping (this couple loves the outdoors).

As to preparing the boards, yep, it takes some time.  I put the answer covers on with poster puddy.  It seemed the easiest.  When we played this game at a church youth group night years ago, a techy volunteer created a computerized version of the game for us.  Very cool if you can manage it.  No big screen for us here, just an easel with the game boards.

One thing you do need is a corny host.  Yes, this is my husband wearing a blue leisure suit, some gold chains and a crazy wig.  If only you could have seen him enthusiastically jogging in as the music blared and his name was announced, giving high fives to all family members.  I love that man!

Yep, that’s my husband!
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This game is perfect for a mixed shower!  The bad part:  not everyone gets to play the game.  The good part:  not everyone has to play the game.  The best part:  all the laughter and friendly competition!

Bridal Shower Invitation Poem
An Outdoor Themed Bridal Shower
The Snowy White Dessert Table

Writing a Bridal Shower Invitation Poem

A couple weeks ago, I shared a Baby Shower Invitation poem I wrote.  I love making shower invitations unique with fun and personalized poems.  Here is one I wrote for my brother and his fiance’s Bridal Shower.  Since my brother, his fiance and a large part of our family live out of town, we decided to make this shower an all day event and invite the men too.  We had so much fun!

A Family Bridal Shower

You and the Fam
Are Invited to Stay
For a Fun Bridal Shower
On a Warm Summer Day

For Matthew and Tery
The Big Day is Near
Let’s Shower Them Now
Oh, Won’t You be Here?

Show up about Two
Leave When You Must
But Sparklers and Lanterns
Will Take off ’bout Dusk

We Hope You Will Come
We Hope You’ll Be There
Great Fun and Some Games
For this Special Affair

If you can rhyme, you can write a poem for your next shower (or feel free to manipulate mine to suit your party).  Don’t forget to provide Location, Date, Host & RSVP information at the bottom.  Have fun!

Writing a Baby Shower Invitation Poem

baby shower poem invitation
Throwing a shower soon?  Special little touches make the shower unique and memorable.  I like to write a fun little poem to invite the guests to the celebration.  And if you can rhyme at all, YOU can write a shower invitation poem too!  (…Or just change mine to work for you.)

Here is the poem I wrote for a baby shower for two couples.  It was also a mixed shower (meaning men were invited too).

Friends and Family gather near
The time for babies is almost here
Jen & Lindsay have been making plans
Prepping nurs’ries, driving mini-vans


A Shower is what you’re invited to
August 6th, they’ll come, won’t you?
The casual cookout for one and all
It must be done before this Fall!


So bring a gift for both or one
Bows and ribbon, so much fun
Boy or girl, oh should we say?
(They’ll sure look cute in pink each day)


Nick and David will be there too
For this joint shower, it’s pink, not blue
Invite your boyfriend or your mate
Let’s get together & celebrate!


Be sure to include location, time, host and RSVP details at the bottom.    Happy Shower!

It’s A Boy…or Girl: Announcing the Gender of your Baby!

Today, many expecting couples find out whether they are having a boy or girl.  Despite being an event planner, I was one who waited and really enjoyed the surprise.  But if you’re going to find out, why not have some fun with it?  Some of you have seen this idea before, but for those who haven’t, here is a fun way to find out yourselves or make the announcement to your friends and family.

My friends, Tara and Jon are having a baby later this year.  To reveal whether they are having a boy or girl, they hosted a party with family and friends.  Their ultrasound technician had written the baby’s gender on paper, sealed it in an envelope and also placed a call to a bakery.  Tara had made prior arrangements with this bakery for a special cake with the batter colored to pink or blue.  And for the time being, only the technician and the baker would know.  The cake was then cut at the party, not without prior scrutiny by the guests!  You may want to check with bakeries in advance to be sure they can accommodate you and consider having a third party take care of the entire thing; my friend’s baker made the mistake of repeating the color to my friend!

So as in this case, if the parents-to-be already know the gender, have friends or family cut into the cake to reveal the special news.  And while you’re at it, why not make it a game?  Tara and Jon had everyone wear a clothespin and since they weren’t allowed to use “he or she” until the reveal, no one else was during the party either.


My cousin did this same cake reveal at her baby shower.  It was so much fun to be part of the news.  Another friend of mine didn’t do the cake, but hosted a party nonetheless and had everyone write down a reason why they should be the one to open the envelope.  I didn’t win.


As you can tell in the pictures, my friends are expecting a boy!  Congratulations Tara and Jon!UPDATE:  Tara and Jon’s baby was born at 24 weeks.  Read their amazing story here.