Boiled Down Hospitality

  Your company is arriving in one hour.  The kids just pulled out all the toys you spent 30 minutes putting away.  The family room is now a wreck (for the third time that day).  Your meal isn’t turning out the way you hoped.  You are asking yourself why, oh why did you decide to entertain at … [Read more...]

Hospitable Hearts: What the Pursuit of Hospitality Says About Your Heart

What does hospitality say about our hearts?  Today, we start our new series on hospitality.  All week, we'll be looking at what it means to have a hospitable heart.  Won't you join us? Today, hop over to read the beautiful thoughts of Melissa from Hive Resources.  She writes: It was through a … [Read more...]

A New Series: Hospitable Hearts

Do you like entertaining?  Maybe you already consider yourself a hospitable person.  Or maybe the thought of opening your doors to welcome guests over for dinner simply overwhelms you. I am excited (ok, I'm super excited) to be partnering with Melissa Deming of Hive Resources next week for a … [Read more...]

Host an Afternoon Tea (Part One)

  Do you ever long for a slower pace to your day?  A special moment to share and connect with the special ladies in your life?  If so, then maybe it is high time for you to host an Afternoon Tea.     Afternoon Tea is a delightful way to celebrate a special occasion or simply to enjoy … [Read more...]