Developing Your Entertaining Goals

It's a New Year!  Did you do anything fun for New Year's Eve?  We stayed home, celebrated with fancy glasses, sparkling grape juice and an early midnight. We played, relaxed and enjoyed some great snacks. Have you made any goals for this new year?  Maybe you wrote goals to be more focused, to … [Read more...]

5 Attitudes to Have When Entertaining Over the Holidays

Thanksgiving is upon us and you may be preparing for guests over the holidays.  You're writing menus, decorating the house, setting tables.  But hosting a successful holiday meal is more than good food and a clean bathroom.  Your heart has to be ready to receive your guests and extend these five … [Read more...]

How to Host the Perfect Soup Party

Well friends, I have found another kind of party that I LOVE.  A couple Sunday's ago, I hosted a Soup Party for Dan's family of 20.  It was the perfect theme for a cold, winter day. Have you been experiencing freezing or colder than usual temperatures?  We have had our own little arctic freeze in … [Read more...]

Lessons From Our Tables: The Heart of Conversation

  Have you experienced it?  The "oh dear, the guests are coming soon and I'm not ready" panic.  For me, it usually sets in when I realize something is cooking too fast or too slow, or has completely flopped.  Maybe it is that the kids have "re-arranged" the room yet again or my husband is … [Read more...]

31 Days to an Awesome Party (Day 10): When things go wrong

  It is inevitable.  Things go wrong at parties.  Even with all the best planning in the world, no party is exempt from problems.  Now, the level of "disaster effect" on your party may vary greatly, but I have rarely had an event, no matter what size, run without any complications along the … [Read more...]

Hospitable Hearts: 20 Reader Recipes that Feed an Army

Thank you to all our readers who gave such a great response to the Hospitable Heart series.  Melissa and I had so much fun and hope you did you too!  We pray that our hearts are better prepared to open the doors of our homes and offer hospitality to all our guests. Before we wrap up, Melissa put … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Mary DeMuth on Cooking, Hospitality & The Irresistible Table

  How exciting it is for us to welcome Christian author Mary DeMuth to the Hospitable Hearts series.  Head over to Hive Resources for today's post where Mary is talking about cooking, hospitality and her new cookbook, "The Irrestible Table." My favorite quote from her post: There, our home … [Read more...]

15 Tips to Become the Hostess with the Mostess

  It was years ago.  But I can still remember it as if it was yesterday.  There was no Mary Poppins finger snapping and magically my work was done.  No, for me, it was calling out names and poof, my tasks were addressed.  Linens were placed. Tables were set.  The sweet aroma of a … [Read more...]

Do Not Disturb: What the Pursuit of Hospitality Says About Your Faith

Are you developing a hospitable heart?  I have been challenged each day of this series to re-examine the way I look at hospitality.  It started with what our pursuit of hospitality says about our hearts and then we looked at having a focus on people rather than worrying about things. Today, … [Read more...]