Children’s Day Party at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop, where the teddy bear comes to life . . . and where parties are a hit! Last week, we had the pleasure (and when I say pleasure, I mean the absolute pleasure) of throwing a Children's Day party at Build-A-Bear Workshop.  Now before I lose you to the mystery of Children's Day, … [Read more...]

Create a Light-Up Cave of Wonders

  Did you have forts when you were growing up?  My brother and I spent hours building and playing in our many forts of various shapes and sizes.  We loved having a fun place to retreat that belonged to us alone.   This Cave of Wonders can be just that for your children.  But you can … [Read more...]

A What? A Puzzle Party

  If you've been hanging out with us for any period of time, you probably know that I like to celebrate just about anything.  Last summer, after celebrating Ice Cream Social Day, my son (aka the puzzle lover) asked me if there was a day for puzzles.   Well, guess what?  There is. … [Read more...]

A Scavenger Hunt of Household Rules with Free Printable

  Scavenger hunts are one of our family’s favorite activities. Who doesn’t love to follow clues around the house to find a special treat or reward? The challenge of figuring out a clue or writing them thrills me. I have written simple scavenger hunts for toddlers and preschoolers, scavenger … [Read more...]

Create a Chalkboard Table

I am not sure who invented chalkboard paint for the everyday do-it-yourself'er, but I'd like to give that person a hug.  Chalkboard paint is a fun and creative medium that gives great play value in return.  I have used it to paint a road on the wall in the kids' clubhouse, a large chalkboard in … [Read more...]

Make a DIY Marble Run from Household Items

Who needs to spend a lot of money on a marble track?  Not us!  Because today, we are building a marble run that will not only thrill and engage your kids, but all the items needed are likely to be found right in your home.   Much to my husband’s dismay, I am a saver.  I save anything and … [Read more...]

The Best Ice Cream Day Ever

    What do you think?  Would you and another mom haul your brood to five ice cream shops in one day?   You may be concerned about the sugar, the sick stomachs or the loading and unloading of your kids from the mini-van more times than you can count.  But I'll tell you this. . . … [Read more...]

Celebrate a Tie Dye Day

No, today is not any official Tie Dye Day.  But it can be in your home.  Get ready for artistic fun!Do you remember tie-dying as a kid?  I remember buckets of dye, rubberbanding shirts, strategically dipping and dunking in various colors of dye . . . and I remember it taking hours.  Not any longer. … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Your Kid Should Have a Pen Pal

When you were a kid, did you ever have a pen pal? When I was about ten years old, we met a family from England temporarily located to the the U.S.  We became very good friends with them and it turned out that the mom of the family had a god-daughter in England my age.  She connected the two of us … [Read more...]