When you have to walk by Faith

photo credit Today, some of my dear friends in the blogging world stop to honor and encourage a beautiful and brave woman of God. Our sweet sister-in-Christ, Desiré from the blog When You Rise, will soon give birth to her third son, Caleb. This little boy is a precious gift from our Heavenly … [Read more...]

DIY Trail Mix Love & Encouragement

Do you know someone who is on a long, tough journey?  Send a little encouragement their way with this trail mix love.It is simple to do!  Raid your pantry or stop at the store.  Surprisingly, all I had to buy were the pineapple chunks and sesame sticks.  We had mini-marshmallows, corn chips (for the … [Read more...]

Exchanging Mother’s Day Compliments

Last year, my cousin Cherise asked a group of moms (12 of us who were all well acquainted with each other) if we'd be interested in exchanging Mother's Day Compliments.  What are Mother's Day Compliments?  Encouraging words about you as a mother and the job you're doing. Here's how it worked: … [Read more...]