March Madness Party Supplies & Free Printable

We are in the midst of Dan's favorite "sports" time of the year!  March Madness:  64 college basketball teams competing for one spot.  Basketball.all.the.time. So that the whole family can enjoy the madness, even the kids and I have filled out brackets.  Most of the kids' picks are based on where … [Read more...]

Pi Day Party

Back in January, Dan asked me if I wanted to host a Pi Party.  Well, all the boy had to do was mention the word "party," and I was in! If you're trying to figure out what I am talking about, remember back to the mathematical symbol for 3.141592....You know the ratio of the circumference of a … [Read more...]

How to Host the Perfect Soup Party

Well friends, I have found another kind of party that I LOVE.  A couple Sunday's ago, I hosted a Soup Party for Dan's family of 20.  It was the perfect theme for a cold, winter day. Have you been experiencing freezing or colder than usual temperatures?  We have had our own little arctic freeze in … [Read more...]

A Fruit Pizza Party

If you've followed along with me, you probably know that I love any kind of party that has build-your-own--well, anything.  There was the deluxe hot dog bar, the campfire cones, the apple ring delights and of course perfect for this time of year, the hot chocolate bar. Recently, at my nephew's … [Read more...]

Valentine Gingerbread House Party

Each January, we gather the younger half of our nieces and nephews and host a Gingerbread House Party.  However this year, the Puzzle Party along with our trip to Disney World occupied much of the month.   But because traditions are important in this house, there still had to be a Gingerbread … [Read more...]