About a month ago, Dan brought home canna bulbs from a co-worker.  I soaked them per instruction and then planted them in the back garden.  Now, I will confess that my back garden is a mess.  My dream is to hire a landscaper to design a cut flower garden that will flower perfectly all season long and be so full that weeds are never an issue (yep, big dream!  Let’s just throw three more hours in the day while I’m at it!)

When the plate-sized canna leaves started popping up, I was super excited.  They looked straight out of a mansion’s professionally-designed garden…you know the kind you pay to tour!  And then when the first flower bloomed, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.  Even still, every time I glance out the window and behold that gorgeous flower, I just have to pause and admire the beauty.  Yes, something so simple halts my steps and makes me “stop and smell the roses.”  Do you have anything like that?

What a blessing to be given something so beautiful!  I am grateful that my husband’s co-worker gave them to us.  Giving to others is an important part of life.  But I’ll admit I am not a natural giver or sharer.  I have to remind myself.  I don’t even like sharing my dessert!  However, when I have given to others, I have often been blessed more than the recipient.

So to carry the thought through, we’re soon approaching the fall…a great time to split your perennials.  Why not think about who you may bless with cuttings of your beauties.  It is a great chance to share with others from what you have.