Birthday Tradition #5: The First Bite of Cake

This fifth and final birthday tradition is sometimes harder to do then you would think.  I have given up altogether for doing this at our large family celebrations (when it is over 20 people!).  But for the actual birthday celebration, it is strictly enforced.

In theory, it is this simple:  the birthday boy or girl (or adult) gets the first bite of cake once sliced.  And if the birthday boy wants to fool everyone into taking a bite, it is his right.  And if the birthday girl wants to be incredibly slow at it, she can do this too.  Yes, because it is their birthday.

Now, I thought Dan, my husband, had finally gotten the hang of this rule.  But at a recent birthday celebration for my grandmother, HE took the first bite.  Once reminded (or reprimanded), he quickly spit it back out on his plate.  But don’t worry, I won’t show any photos of this.  Nice, honey!

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  1. After read your birthday traditions, I wish I could trace my hand and do something with my mom at my birth time. My mom and I are separating by the Pacific Ocean, but I still remember to call her and thank her for suffered to give birth of me. 🙂