Hi friends!  Well, today is the last day of our Beauty in the Moment challenge. Have you enjoyed it?

I am noticing the simplicity in small things, finding the delightful in the imperfect and discovering the soothing sigh of slowing down if only for a moment in a fast paced day.

With this challenge, we have sought deliberate yet simple memories captured by . . . instagram (film would have sounded so much more picturesque, right?).  Well anyway, all the filters from Instagram have been pretty fun too.

Here are some of my favorites since the last update:








If you would like to read the captions or see the rest of my photos, scroll down and hover over the images in my Instagram widget or you can find the #beautyinthemoment stream here on Twitter or on my Instagram page.

Does it end here?  I may not post an instagram photo every day, but I will definitely be seeking out beauty in the moment!