Hi!  My name is Kristen and I have a lot to celebrate.  I am a stay-at -home mom trying to make the everyday life, comings and goings special for my family.  I am blessed to be married to an amazing guy named Dan and have two little loves, “Sweet Boy” and “Sweet Girl.”  But greatest to celebrate on my list is God’s amazing love for us in His Son, Jesus.  He, most of all, keeps my life an adventure and gives me purpose.

What is my background?  Well, before having kids, I was a Professional Wedding Planner for my own business.  Talk about celebrations!  I had A LOT of fun and met many great people.  But eventually my kids began to keep me too busy to take on new clients.  So now, I just do a wedding or two a year for friends and family, helping others and getting my “wedding-fix.”

I enjoy any excuse to plan something…birthdays, casual get-togethers, themed parties, etc.  I am crazy about organizing things.  I love writing, cake decorating, making photo books, eating pizza and my shameless diet soda!  My formal degree is in Christian Studies, so you’ll also see some spiritual content to my blogging.

I think I get my “celebrate” mentality from my mother who could make a special day out of anything at all!  Thanks, Mom!

Why Celebrate Every Day With Me?  As I plan the days for my family, I am often bogged down by a ridiculous To Do list.  If you saw it, you’d think I’m crazy, but what can I say, I like projects, organization and I love lists.  (More confessions to follow later.)

But in the midst of everything I think I need to do,  I love the moments of the day when the kids and I do something just for pure fun.  It is an immediate reminder to enjoy the day, enjoy the time I have with my little loves and enjoy our time as a family.  I want to make a conscious effort to create special moments, be thankful for all the blessings God has given us and celebrate every day.

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