A Jar of Precious Memories

Jar of Precious Memories1

Today, we’re celebrating the precious moments of family life with a simple and meaningful idea.  Each  New Year’s Day, Jackie starts a new memory jar.  Whenever her kids do or say something cute or witty, Jackie jots it down, dates it and puts the note in the jar.  She also includes her kids’ milestones like losing a first tooth.

Then on the following New Year’s Eve, she and her husband read through all the notes in the jar, reminiscing about the fun, quirky and precious things their kids did and said.  The memories then go into boxes for when the kids are older.

I love the simplicity of this idea.  It is a great way to save memories and then also look back at the past year.  Thanks, Jackie for sharing such a great idea!

Do you have a fun or clever idea for family fun, memory making or saving?  Send it in to kristen{at}Celebrate Every Day With Me {dot} com.


  1. Cute idea! Now, if I could just get someone to write down all my kids’ cute stuff for me…. : )

  2. Lovely idea…simple and sweet.