My Fourth of July Inspiration Board
I have always wanted to host a Fourth of July Party.  But this year, like the previous years, is simply too busy to take on another event.  But a girl can dream!  So here is what I would be doing if I was planning a Fourth of July Party:  
First, I would host a brunch.  Many people have annual evening fireworks or parties they attend.  A brunch would be a fun way to kick off the holiday.  
I love this Invitation Idea from Family Fun.
Patriotic Party Puzzle Invitations
(See final form in collage above)

The Menu:  Blueberry Pancakes topped with Strawberries and Whipped Cream, a delicious Egg Casserole or Cheesy Scrambled Eggs, Fresh Fruit, Warm All-American Apple Crisp and Bacon.  (And Dan, if you’re reading this:  all cooking of bacon is still banned from the kitchen and must be grilled outside until further notice.  Yes, way too much grease has been spilled.  Oh, the mess!)

I like these little Revolutionary Strawberries pictured above from Family Fun.  And for beverages, I would serve coffee, a berry red juice and blue kool-aid.
The Decor: Red, White and Blue, of course.  I love these Martha Stewart crafts (pictured in the collage above): hanging Star Medallions, Star Napkin Ties and Starry Runner, Firework Pom Poms, Paper Wind Streamers and Can-Do Cans.  
These are all handmade patriotic decorations and a lot of work.  I would also pick up some flags and patriotic bunting for around the house. has lots of decorations and I have built up Amazon gift certificates through SwagBucks and taking online surveys (more on that another day).  So cheap and easy!  The dollar stores also carry patriotic decorations.  In fact, I just saw something similar to the hanging Star Medallions – 2 for a $1 and they’re already made.  

The Music:  Patriotic MP3’s…something like John Phillip Sousa’s Classical Treasures – March Favorites.

The Little Extras:  My guests would go home with these fun Rocket Favors from Family Fun.  I’d pick up the Blueberry Pancake Patriotic Hand Soap from Bath and Body Works.  And of course, I would have some sort of game, probably trivia on our country’s history that people could do at their own pace . . .which undoubtedly I would lose and my husband would win.  
So there you have it!  My dreamy Fourth of July Brunch . . . although, if this is just in my dreams, I would also hire a caterer and a cleaning crew.  Have a great Fourth!
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