A Cowboy Birthday Party – Part 2

Today, we’re taking a second look at this great Cowboy/Western themed birthday party from Cherise.  If you missed part one, go here.

The “Happy Birthday Buckaroo” banner.



The Waterin’ Hole bucket was filled with Root Beer & Cream Sodas.  Cherise made customized labels with her son’s name and a sheriff’s badge.






Cherise bought the Cowboy Boot Mugs from Amazon.



This is one of my favorite parts of Cherise’s son’s birthday party.  Cherise gathered cowboy props and made this “Wanted” frame so her guests could strike a pose for their own Wanted poster.  (I saw all the photos and it looked like the guests had a blast with this!)


Happy first birthday to this cute buckaroo!  And a great big thanks to Cherise for sharing this fun party with all of us!!

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