Camping Birthday Party

Welcome to Camp Jacob!  You are about to explore the goodness that Lynnette put together for her son’s 6th birthday party and you’re sure to love it.  Grab some grub, enjoy s’more cupcakes, finish your scavenger hunt and get a seat near the fire because we’re going camping!

camping collage 2

Camping Party 7

Camping Party 3

Camping Party 6

Lynnette’s party printables come from printmagic, an etsy shop.  This printable party kit is editable so she was able to change the text to suit her party.  Love it!

Camping Party 8

Camping Party 9

Camping Party 5

Camping Party 2

Camping Party 1

Next time, you’ll get to join in on some magnet-pole fishing, the scavenger hunt and feast your eyes on the S’more cupcakes.  Hope you’ll stop by.  We have a seat by the fire just for you!