Simple Way #9

For today’s Simple Way, we are thinking to the future.  Where do you want to be at the end of this year?  What will you want to have accomplished?  Goal setting is a great tool for getting where you want to go.  Goals help direct your energy and guide your focus to accomplishing that which you’ve set out to do.

Today, make at least 5 specific goals for this year, but the key to today’s task is that one of your them has to be a fun goal.  The first four can be related to anything at all:  marriage, family, business, personal growth, health and well-being . . . you name it.  (Here are my simple goals guided by Luke 2:52.)

Your fun or silly goal may be something you want to do stretch yourself, a class to take, a skill to master . . . a commitment to a monthly ritual or outing, a trip to somewhere you want to visit, even something from your bucket list.  If appropriate, write out how you will accomplish this goal.  Will you need to save up money?  Will you need to make special arrangements?

My “fun” goal is to visit our Science Museum once a month with the kids until our membership ends in in March and to visit our Zoo at least once a month since our new membership has just begun.  The kids will love it and I’ll enjoy the outings . . . a perfect “fun” goal for me.

Looking for some tips on setting your goals?  Read this great post on Money Saving Mom.

What is your “fun” goal?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to hear!

31 Simple Ways to Celebrate Today is a series designed to help you laugh a little more, act with others in mind and even enjoy a little silliness . . . and most definitely, to cause you to break from the busyness of your life with intentional little moments of fun.


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