7 To Sit: Checking In

How are you doing with 7 To Sit (our one-week challenge to eat at the table)?

I’ve made it to the table for every meal so far.  And I’m finding it to be a great time to slow down, especially at breakfast, and spend some extra time chatting with the kids.  I’d normally be rushing around, packing up a snack or doing some quick cleaning.  I will admit there were a couple days when I was itching to get up and get something done, but it has been worth the delay in my productivity.

I’m choosing relationships!  And who could resist this precious face?


  1. This is a fabulous challenge. If I don’t get my meals at the table with the fam I feel out of sorts. I love the time of connection!

  2. Aaah, good challenge. I’ve been trying to do this more lately too. 🙂